Shemale Questions and Answers

Shemale Q&A is a community of lovely shemales and their admirers. It is a place where you can ask anything and get the answer from those who know it best. What is a shemale? What does it feel like to have a shemale penis? Do shemales like guys or girls? No question is off bounds, as long as you’re nice. Ask away!


Today, people of all genders are slowly becoming more accepted and recognized, but we are far from giving them enough room and the respect that they deserve. How much does an average person know about what it is like to be a shemale? How many places are there, online or in the real world, where shemales can exchange thoughts and help one another by sharing their experiences? Unfortunately, not many.

That is why this site is exclusively dedicated to exploring all aspects of shemale lifestyle and finding answers to any question you may have about being or dating a shemale. Whether you are just curious about it or have some concrete questions that need answering, our community can provide you with all the details you want to know.

Here, real shemales and their admirers get to ask questions, give answers and bond over their common interests, enjoying the freedom that their anonymity gives them. You can post questions you have always wanted to ask, but never had the chance or share your experiences and help others find out everything about being a shemale or being in a relationship with one.

Welcome to your shemale haven.